Our Team

Mike Black, Founder
Email: mike@c3results.com

As small business owner and consultant to business executives, Mike brings a broad business background to his work as an Executive Coach & Consultant. From working with health professionals in the dental industry to developing and leading personal coaching programs Mike is in demand to expand personal & team results, communication effectiveness and interpersonal relationships. His clients acknowledge his wealth of experience and outstanding ability to create new possibilities in a wide variety of businesses and industries on a consistent basis..

Susan Overcast McGrath, Manager
Email: susan@c3results.com

Susan brings a unique background in Business, Psychology, Event-Planning, the Hospitality Industry and Sales to C3 Results Group. You can count on Susan to provide extraordinary customer service, a “can do” attitude and deep insight to her leadership.

Suzanne Black, Coach
Email: suzanne@c3results.com

With a Masters Degree in communication, Suzanne began her career helping build one of the largest personal development training companies in the world. Consulting and training over 300 different businesses, in a wide variety of industries with over 20 years of dental office consulting and training experience, Suzanne has successfully dealt with every challenge imaginable in the dental office. Her on stage style makes her a winning and engaging seminar leader.

Sue Marshall, Coach
Email: sue@c3results.com

Sue started her dental career at age 16, and dealt with nearly every challenge imaginable in a dental practice. As a Certified Dental Assistant, with twenty years of consulting with dental practices all over America, experience working with multi-doctor practices and successfully integrating associates; Sue knows how to pull the team together and focus everyone on the practice purpose and goals. Sue and her husband of 30 years live in Knoxville, Tennessee and are the parents of two children and are proud grandparents as well.

Eric Vickery, Coach
Email: eric@c3results.com

Eric has worked with and developed Dental Practices all over North America for more than 10 years Holding a degree in Business Administration, Eric brings a strong business and systems approach to his clients. Eric brings his engaging and humorous delivery while coaching dental offices and leading seminars around the Country. Clients benefit from his daily hands-on experience, his expertise in financial arrangements, third party financing and eliminating dependence on insurance. Eric and his wife Abby are the proud parents of three children and live in northern California.

Dianne Barnes, Coach
Email: dianne@c3results.com

Dianne has worked in dentistry since 1988, and knows what it takes to make a practice successful. As a Dental Practice Consultant and Coach, she works with practices all over the country to help them reach their highest potential using the principles that are proven successful. Dianne continues to work part time as a Dental Office Manager in Kansas City, where she resides with her husband and two teenage daughters. Dianne is actively involved with her church and is the Director of the Children’s Church Department. She also enjoys spending time at her house on Truman Lake in Warsaw, Missouri.

Cindy Abreu, Coach
Email: cindy@c3results.com

Cindy began her journey in dentistry more than 30 years ago. Her professional experience includes dental assisting and office managing where her efforts have resulted in dental practice profitability and exceptional patient care. In addition, Cindy has certified and instructed for x-ray licensure and taught preparatory classes for the California State Board of Dental Examiners Registered Dental Assistant exam. She is a certified trainer for Dentrix and Easy Dental computer software programs. Cindy and her husband Kevin have been married 33 years and live outside Houston, TX.

Walter Hailey, Mentor & Friend

As coaches and consultants we bring years of experience and training to our work. Our commitment is to bring everything we have learned to each engagement, helping our clients achieve their goals. That being said, it is important that we take a moment and acknowledge the enormous impact our relationship with Walter Hailey has had both personally and professionally on the work we do. Walter Hailey was a true Texan. A self made millionaire (many times over) his background included the insurance industry, and (being a Texan) the oil and gas industry. He was good friends with John Connolly, the former Governor of Texas, and supported and mentored many successful business men and women over the course of his extraordinary career. When Walter retired in the 80’s, he decided he wanted to help others become successful by teaching what he had learned from over $600,000 invested in continuing education. He led nationwide courses on entrepreneurship until his death in 2003. Many of the skills he taught came from Harvard Business School, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Robert Collier and many others.

While there are many business “how-to” courses out there, few can match the impact on the personal and professional life that Hailey’s courses offer, and we are indebted to his influence and his legacy