About Us

We use a proven methodology to accomplish the following:

  1. Create alignment on the team for the owner’s vision for the practice.
  2. Design patient communication practices that insure maximum customer satisfaction and case acceptance.
  3. Implement New Patient programs (marketing) that cause a steady stream of qualified customers
  4. Take the mystery out of why some program works and others do not.

The success of a professional practice is measured by the profitability of the practice and the satisfaction of the practice owner and team members.

So, while increased profits are the standard by which we gauge the game, our experience shows that success often brings new problems that existing structures are not equipped to handle.

  • Perhaps not everybody on the team wants to work that hard
  • Maybe the patient recall systems are failing
  • Systems set up to handle incoming calls are insufficient
  • Client complaints are increasing along with client expansion
  • More clients means longer hours and work schedules

If the structures the practice currently has in place to handle the workload are insufficient and the team is not aligned and in communication, simply increasing the case load will not produce a successful practice.

Your experience can sadly result in “be careful what you wish for,” because you just might get it – AND be unable to sustain or maintain the level of excellence you are committed to.

That’s where the work that WE do can make a difference for YOU…

Our track record in raising the level of your practice’s competence along with raising the number of incoming patients assures you of the kind of ongoing success you want and need in a successful practice.