Dental Boot Kamp   -  Case Presentation Continuum

Level 1  Dental Boot Kamp

  • Building the Case Presentation Team
  • Establishing the Foundation
  • The Six Elements to Yes
  • Converting Outstanding Treatment
  • Reducing Cancellation

Level II  Dental Boot Kamp

  • Building Trust through each patient moment
  • Perfecting the Persuasive Conversation
  • Practice Resolving the Most Common Objections

Treatment Coordinators Roundtable

  • Practice and perfect the case presentation process
  • Learn from other successful treatment coordinators
  • Master challenging financial discussions
  • Receive the systems and tools that work


Speaking Skills Summit

They say the number one fear of most people is speaking in public to a group.  Imagine the self confidence and pride one has when this phantom fear is tamed.  The Coaching Center’s Speaking Skills Summit promises to empower the participants to polish their performance, tame their fears and discover the Joy of Speaking to make a difference.

Growing Your Dental Practice


Implementation Coaching – with your coach implement the communication skills from the Dental Boot Kamp.  This is a designed 10 step process that will assure your success.

  • Monthly Coaching Support -  Have the support of a coach on a monthly basis to keep you on track with your practice growth, team development and marketing implementation.
  • Marketing My Dental Practice -  With a coach walk through the systems, strategies and tools to have an effectively marketed practice.  Discover the Lifetime Value of your patients, design your 12 month marketing plan with a budget, critique your website and discover what works to improve it, investigate the utilization of Social Media and get started.

Consulting Services

  • Practice Evaluation
  • Fee Assessment and Balancing
  • Bonus Program Development
  • Practice Retreats

Practice Reinvention  You don’t like your practice, you don’t like your team, you are failing to achieve case acceptance, you are thinking of getting out of dentistry.  Call Us Quick!!!

Practice Start Up  Start your practice off right with the communication, management and marketing systems to assure your success.

Practice Transitions   You have had a successful career and it's time to enjoy retirement.  We have helped many of our clients transition to a new life while maintaining the value of the practice.  Each case is different and yet all have similar elements.  Call Suzanne for a conversation to design what's right for you.