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C3 Marketing & Communications Group, LLC dba C3 Results Group

C3 Results Group is a consulting company that works with the Professional Business owner to create the practice of their dreams. Our focus is the privately held dental practice.

Our success is defined by the results our clients create as a result of our working with them, and we are very successful within our niche.

C3 Results Group is the home of Walter Hailey's Legendary Dental Boot Kamp. Affectionately called Sargent Hailey, he started this program in 1987 in Hunt, Texas, after a career of business building and the success of taking 3 companies public. He wanted to give back what had helped him be successful. During this time, with the help of many, the program became the "Go To" dental training program for Practice Building and Case Acceptance. Suzanne Black, C3 Founder and CEO, joined Walter in 1994 and developed his Coaching Programs, led Boot Kamps and developed leaders and coaches until his passing in 2003. Shortly after, upon the request of his family, Suzanne acquired Dental Boot Kamp out of her commitment to keep Walter's legacy alive.

We conduct both Public Programs and Private Hosted Programs. We have customized programs for corporately held practice groups from 8 practices to 250. Our clients have the common theme of a commitment to quality, complete care and development of sharp effective teams. Give us a call or reach out to [email protected]. (800) 710-7273.

We love what we do, love the feeling and results the practices accomplish and are priviledged to carry on this remarkable work.

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Austin, TX 78734 Tel: 800-710-7273
Cell: 512-565-8970
Fax: 512-233-0522
Email: [email protected]

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  • Suzanne Black

    Dr. John Smith was born and raised in Minnesota. He received his degree from the University of Minnesota in 1990. He practiced in Minneapolis for ten years. Dr. Smith entered the Master'Degree program in at the University of Minnesota in 2000. Dr Smith enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and exploring the wilderness of the Boundary Waters. He is a talented musician and avid reader.With a Masters Degree in communication, Suzanne began her career helping build one of the largest personal development training companies in the world. Consulting and training over 300 different businesses, in a wide variety of industries with over 20 years of dental office consulting and training experience, Suzanne has successfully dealt with every challenge imaginable in the dental office. Her on stage style makes her a winning and engaging seminar leader.

  • Susan Overcast McGrath

    Susan brings a unique background in Business, Psychology, Event-Planning, the Hospitality Industry and Sales to C3 Results Group. You can count on Susan to provide extraordinary customer service, a “can do” attitude and deep insight to her leadership.

  • Sue Marshall

    Sue started her dental career at age 16, and dealt with nearly every challenge imaginable in a dental practice. As a Certified Dental Assistant, with twenty years of consulting with dental practices all over America, experience working with multi-doctor practices and successfully integrating associates; Sue knows how to pull the team together and focus everyone on the practice purpose and goals. Sue and her husband Randy were married 50 years.  Sue now resides in Woodstock, GA.  They are the parents of two children and are proud grandparents of 5 as well.

  • Eric Vickery

    Eric has worked with and developed Dental Practices all over North America for more than 20 years Holding a degree in Business Administration, Eric brings a strong business and systems approach to his clients. Eric brings his engaging and humorous delivery while coaching dental offices and leading seminars around the Country. Clients benefit from his daily hands-on experience, his expertise in financial arrangements, third party financing and eliminating dependence on insurance. Eric and his wife Abby are the proud parents of four children and live in northern California.


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "We have seen our treatment more easily accepted. The value of listening to our patients and developing relationships with our patients has helped us to understand what their motives or objections to treatment may be. I am a true fan!"
    Tracy Assmus, Office Manager Dr. Chris Chaffin

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