Raving Fans

So,  If you are a  Dental Private Practice Owner with an Entrepreneur’s Passion 

  • Looking to Grow your Practice,

  • Serve your Patients with Joy and Satisfaction,

  • Partner with your team for Effectiveness and Comradery,

  • So that your Practice and your Life are balanced and fulfilling?



I wanted to write this to you per our conversation. I am sorry for my attitude towards you when you started consulting with us. I wasn’t nearly the person I am now and with aspects of our practice; I was honestly a jerk. I wish to tell you how much you’ve done for me personally and professionally.

I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and our practice. Your influence on our practice has made Dentistry fun again.

I respect and care about you both personally and professionally. Our staff is so appreciative of your fingerprints on our office. We have a healthy, happy, caring, and compassionate team who genuinely works for our patients and each other.

Our staff does not fear you consulting us: they thrive on it! They love you! The impact you have had has contributed overwhelmingly to the success of our practice and the vision that Dr. Collier and I have. When you care about people and each other, the bottom line and numbers and health of the practice take care of itself. You are a wonderful person and I am thankful that we have a great working and personal relationship.

I wish you the best Suzanne in life; both professionally and personally. The guidance you have given to me and Dental Associates of Manchester has helped me in a way that I cannot describe.

Warm Regards and Appreciation,

Dr. Zach Stecklein      Manchester, Iowa

We have been in practice since 1977 and it is difficult to find people and programs to help experienced dental teams reach the next level of success, after attending and participating in so many courses and consultants throughout the years.  Our relationship with Suzanne and her team over the last 15 years has facilitated a practice production increase of over 30% and has improved our team communication skills to awesome levels, resulting in a new cohesiveness among us and our patients.  We appreciate all of the wonderful skills they have taught us!  How fortunate we are to have found them!!!

Dr Herman Kupeyan    Prosthodontist & Implants    Windsor, Ontario Canada

I have been in the dental field for 30+ years, and office manager for more than half of those years. I can truly say the best thing my doctors have ever done is to join Dental Boot Kamp back in 2004.

There was a period of time that we did try another a consulting firm, and it almost destroyed us. With Suzanne’s empathy, experience and coaching, we have become a strong Dental Family unit and our patients are our extended family. You are not a number with Suzanne, nor is she going to make you follow some set of rules.  She is a Coach, she is REAL and she brings so much knowledge and experience to meet the individual needs of your practice. I am forever grateful knowing she is just a call away and committed to our success.

Connie Behnken, RDA  Office Manager          Dental Assoc. of Manchester              Manchester, IA 


 Suzanne taught me to sell (the dirtiest word in dentistry) and to keep a positive patient focused attitude.  I've tripled since meeting her.  If you are stressed out and frustrated you need to ReBoot with Suzanne.  She cares and really knows her stuff.

Dr Emilio Couret    Family & Cosmetic Dentistry    Chicago, IL


In 2004 our practice participated in the Dental Boot Kamp and it was a game changer.  Next,  my partner and I attended the Leadership Boot Kamp with Suzanne.  That program and the subsequent coaching through the years has been the difference in my vision, leadership and insight to grow this practice.  I am not at all afraid to address team issues and get coaching when needed.  I speak to patients confidently, straight with empathy -  they mostly all say Yes.  I get to practice the dentistry that is fun for me.   I wouldn't trade it.  

Dr Tim Collier      Family, Ortho & Cosmetic Dentistry     Manchester, IA

I have been a client of Suzanne’s since 2006. I have a solo practice in a small town with only a Subway and Dollar General nearby. Having her come out and evaluate how we operated with the admin and clinical side and each other was a game changer for me and my team. I am chairside 25 hours a week and I tripled my production, raised my collections and most importantly, I work with a happy cohesive team that enjoys working together. I'm excited about this REBOOT program because I have some newer employees that will greatly benefit from it and a refresher for the rest of us.

Keep moving forward, keep creating the atmosphere you want and keep the positive energy flowing!

Have a Blessed day in the Lord!

Dr.Toni Sartini

Hi Suzanne

The Marketing My Dental Practice was a great investment for ideas.  The exposure to tracking results and the life-time value of a patient was very aluable.  Writing a marketing plan for the year made you do what you ought to do whether you want to or not.  Universal marketing and social network marketing connected with me.  As a result I’ll be doing more Social marketing in the new year.  

Gary Sasaki, DDS, MS  

Suzanne Clearly illustrates the most common brriers to case acceptance and provides effective talk-tracks for overcoming these patient objections.  The video comes to life as Suzanne role plays a number of consult room scenarios.  It’s a phenomenal training tool …perfect for all dental team members!  Drs Too!”

Dan Mielko - Nobel Biocare