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So,  If you are a  Dental Private Practice Owner with an Entrepreneur’s Passion 

  • Looking to Grow your Practice,

  • Serve your Patients with Joy and Satisfaction,

  • Partner with your team for Effectiveness and Comradery,

  • So that your Practice and your Life are balanced and fulfilling?

When You Work With Us, You Can Expect:

     ➤ Engaged and Inspired Teams

     ➤ Increased Case Acceptance

     ➤ Increased Patient Retention

     ➤ Coordinated New Patient Experience

     ➤ Systems for Practice Success

     ➤ Practice Growth with Profitability

     ➤ Increased Balance of Life and Practice




Dental Boot Kamp Foundations Virtual & Live

Treatment Coordinator Roundtable

Mini & Full Day Courses Virtual & Live

Training On Demand Library



Case Presentation Acceleration

Team Leadership Development

Team Rewards Systems

Strategic Planning Retreats

Customized Coaching Packages




Dental Boot Kamp Alumni Facebook Group

Eagle Mastermind Membership  Educational Forum




Annual Dental Meetings

Study Clubs , Retreats

Virtual Stages, Podcasts


Dental Boot Kamp Foundations

These trainings teach our proprietary systems for patient communication, team development and practice leadership.  

The results of our Signature Course -  Dental Boot Kamp Foundations -  Getting the Natural YES, is a transformation in the patient communication habits and conversations in the practice.  It is the Secret Sauce from the original Dental Boot Kamp spiced with team communication and leadership strategies to create success. 

This is a 10 week Digital course comprised of more than 30 short training video’s along with worksheets for each team member to complete on their own or in team meetings.  In addition, there is guidance for regular scheduled meetings together to practice and implement the modules.  To keep up the momentum, Suzanne will do a weekly Q & A on a Private Social Media site to demonstrate verbal skills, answer questions and coach implementation.  This course is  conducted 3 times per year.  Once completed the Practice retains access to the modules in their training library for on-demand refresher training.

Here are our upcoming Foundations Courses  

Dental Boot Kamp Accelerate Live  October 5 & 6, 2023    Louisville, KY


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Mini Courses

Mini Courses are skill or situational focused courses taught virtually with Video and Live Coaching.      All Live sessions are recorded so that teams can watch them during their Team Training time or on their own.  These are suited for individual Team Training as well as small group.   Tuition varies by project.   

  • New Patient Rapport, Research & Scheduling
  • Case Presentation  - Description Conversations for the Natural YES
  • Financial Arrangements that Work
  • Avoiding Overwhelm in Large Case Conversations
  • Dental Boot Kamp Fast Track for New Hires  


Team ReBoot  - Team Training Full Day Course. 

A powerful Team Building and Patient Communication Training Day.   Your teams will be laughing, learning, bonding and growing.  For some it is a refresher of Boot Kamp Training for people new to us - it is an introductory Communication Skill Training.  Each practice receives a "Seminar in a Box" with manuals, treats, games and light hearted tools to create a fun atmosphere.  


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Vision & Planning Workshop for Dentists & Team Leads  

During this Virtual Classroom Workshop, each team attending creates their coming year pillars for performance, productivity projections and fun day outlines.  In addition the team aligns on new programs or changes in structure and management to present to their teams in the Annual Kick Off. 

Each team will  receive worksheets to complete on the results of 2020 and to outline 2021  Some worksheets are spreadsheets designed to calculate productivity based on individual practice measures.  Some will be worksheets to prepare for their upcoming meetings.  

The Annual Marketing plan will be initiated to be competed on a quarterly rolling basis by the marketing team.  

The Dr and Team Leaders will be empowered to lead a full team meeting in later December or January to include the entire team in the creation of the 2021 Strategic Action Plan.     

December 8, 2023  Friday  10 AM – 1 PM EST.  

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Training On Demand Library

As you invest in training for your team, you will be building your Virtual Training On Demand Library - your 24/7 go to for individual and team training.  Your private Library will house video’s and trainings created to address specific needs. Please feel free to request training topics, within our focus of Patient Communication, Team Empowerment, Leadership and Marketing period.  Tuition is individual based on the program and ranges between $17 to $97 per course.  Once a training has been purchased it will be available in your personal Training Library for your use.

Current Topics in Production:

  • Stop Cancellations (3 Session Series)
  • Telephone Rapport and Results (3 session Series)

Publication   December 2020.  


The process of Coaching is the kissing cousin to Training.   Training without implementation will make little to no difference. 

The coaching process happens throughout the Training Programs with live Q & A sessions, available office hours for Laser coaching and, in some cases, a structured implementation program for new teams, new practices or practice turn arounds.  Coaching is custom designed to fit the clients needs.    

Some Dentists prefer to build in monthly Private coaching sessions to support practice growth,  accountability, team leadership and life balance. 

As has always been our mantra -  Just Ask!!  Tell us about your challenges and we will create a custom designed Training and Coaching Program for you.

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Forums for Dental Boot Kamp trained Private Practice Professionals

Dental Boot Kamp Alumni Facebook Group

A private, free Facebook Group open to all Dental Boot Kamp Alumni.  This free group is available for sharing ideas, cases, team empowerment strategies, marketing strategies and more. 

This Community is housed in Facebook and is designed to be a safe place for a healthy exchange of ideas relevant to the day to day life of the Private Practice Dentist and team member. 

We do honor a commitment to respect and kindness in communication with each other.  It is not a forum for  political or religious topics.  

The Facebook Group is also a forum for updates from Dental Boot Kamp/ C3 Results and Suzanne Bush Black on opportunities for personal development and practice growth

Join below or search Facebook for Dental Boot Kamp Alumni.

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EagleNetwork Mastermind Membership  

This is the private membership of Dental Boot Kamp Alumni or Alumni of C3 Results Programs.  EagleNetwork is designed as a true  mastermind experience with 24/7 ever growing training access for the individual private practice. 

Benefits of Membership:

  • Monthly - All Dentist One Hour Zoom Mastermind for challenge discussion or idea generation.  All calls are recorded and confidential for the Dentists Only
  • Monthly Zoom Team Leader  Mastermind
  • Departmental Focused Zoom Masterminds as scheduled
  • Training Video Portal  available for Team Meetings and Individual Training.
  • Special Pricing to all C3 Results / DBK programs and a free growing 24/7 training library
  • Eagle Network email network and Facebook Groups 
  • Mastermind Retreat.  2022 -  Austin Tx  Nov
  • Suzanne / C3 Results hosts Mastermind Zoom Calls.   Members are encouraged and invited to give ideas and requests for direction.

Membership is annual and limited to 100 Private Practice Dentists.  

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Over the last twenty years, Dental Boot Kamp and Suzanne have been invited to speak at most of the major United States Dental Meetings and Conventions.  We have been privileged to draw thousands of participants -  team members and their Drs, to our sessions.  In addition, we have energized audiences of dental professionals in State meetings,  Study clubs and private gatherings of multi-specialty offices.   Suzanne has lectured Dental School 3rd Years in choosing the right path, assessing the opportunity and avoiding non supportive environments.  In addition, she has consulted round tables of dentists looking to transition to retirement or their next opportunity.   Suzanne is entertaining on stage, insightful and passionately committed to empowering communication. 

With the advent of the Virtual Stage, Suzanne and C3 Results Group have been producing their own virtual events and are available to deliver their special brand of training virtually around the world. 

To find out more about having Suzanne speak at your event click bellow

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