Meet Suzanne 

So,  If you are a  Dental Private Practice Owner with an Entrepreneur’s Passion 

  • Looking to Grow your Practice,

  • Serve your Patients with Joy and Satisfaction,

  • Partner with your team for Effectiveness and Comradery,

  • So that your Practice and your Life are balanced and fulfilling?

I’m Suzanne Bush Black. 

Since 1987, I have coached, trained and  consulted thousands of Dental and Medical Practices.  I have also had the privilege of transforming Faculty Dental Practices in Universities as well as developing Patient Communication Training for nationwide medical services. 

I was so blessed in 1994 to meet and work with Walter Hailey, the founder of Dental Boot Kamp.  Working side by side with Walter, his partner, Steve Anderson and a faculty of dental shining stars - we became the “go to” in dental patient communication training during the 90’s. 

In 2006, after Walter’s passing, I was invited to take on the leadership and acquired the ownership of all of our Dental Programs – The Dental Boot Kamp Continuum.  Since that time, we have offered the full range of Dental Boot Kamp Services, programs and coaching impacting many in the dental community. 

Along the way, I’m proud of the many effective and savvy Dental Consultants, who I have trained, learned from and assisted in launching their own practices.

All our courses are based on the principles of Dental Boot Kamp’s proven team management, leadership, marketing and patient communication / case acceptance systems.    


The Early Days

Growing up in small town central Texas, I learned that people are the key to everything.  Getting to know them, calling on them, learning from them.  My undergraduate degree is from the University of Texas at Austin - Go Longhorns!  I continued my learning at the University of Southern California in Communications Management at the Annenberg School of Communication,  Both of those experiences served me well and I met people who I emulate to this day. 

I took a personal development program during graduate school that shaped my approach to life.  A year later, after my MA was complete, I joined that company, led and produced programs for them across the US for the next 10 years.  I was known there as a turnaround specialist.  If one of the 26 centers across the US was bogged down, not working -  I was sent in.  In a limited time, I assessed the needs,  understood the team, evaluated the marketing and retention and managed the system to success.  After managing centers, national Special Events and turnarounds,  I left that company as a staff member in 1984.  I continued to lead Communication Programs for them for several more years while I kicked off my Consulting and Coaching practice.  

Those formative years with est, An Educational Corporation founded by Werner Erhard, taught me personal responsibility, integrity as the source of workability and whatever you can see - you can move and manage.   Those principles and more,  have shaped  my consulting and program development work since that time.  

Austin, Texas is now my home and I share it with my grown daughters, cats, dogs and dear friends.  Life is full and contribution is the key.  If we haven't met - I look forward to getting to know you.